George W. Bush is an Idiot

As far as I am aware he now prevents foreign users from visiting and viewing his website. I am not making this up. Unless you are on a North American ip range you are forbidden from viewing his website.
This is the most powerful man on the planet who has more affect on foreign governments and their economies than some of the local governments do yet if you ain’t American ( an infidel ) you are not allowed to view his website.
The reason for this dumb ass decision is apparently due to his website getting cracked a few times. Do they really think that banning mass IP ranges is going to stop a real cracker, bollix. Its not hard to crack another PC from inside their borders then launch from there.
All this episode has done is made him and his administration look like people who don’t care about us foreigners. But then, why should he care now he hasn’t really given a damn before.
I hate getting involved in politics but some things are just too dumb to abstain from commenting on them.

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