Political Bias swayed by Moon

The subject heading of this entry sounds a bit mad dosn’t it. I mean, who the hell would believe that the position of the moon could possibly affect the outcome of an election. It dosn’t, but there are those characters who are basing their election decision on the design of Mr Kerry and Mr Bush’s website. Now isn’t that fscked up. For those that don’t believe me take yourself over to slashdot and have a look around……
Does this mean we are seeing the entrance of the designer website. I can see it now
1. Websites by Gucci
2. Menu’s by Prada
3. Footers by Nike
Or, as a dialogue!
“Ohhh, love your hit counter”
“Yeah! we got Armani in to do it, worth every penny!”
Who the hell could possibly be that shallow?
Wait, we have Hello magazine, Cosmopolitan ( feminist trash ), FHM and Eurotrash that answers that question, the brain dead.

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